About Mälardalsrådet

The Council for the Stockholm Mälar Region is a member’s organisation for County councils and municipalities in the Stockholm Metropolitan Area.

Welcome to The Council for the Stockholm Mälar Region

The Council serves as a platform for municipalities and county councils in the Stockholm Mälar Region but also to an increasing extent for collaboration between the politics, the business sector and the academia. The Council promotes common strategic goals within infrastructure and transport, as well as knowledge and skills development for a more sustainable, internationally competitive and attractive Stockholm Mälar Region.

The Council was established in 1992 by regional politicians, for closer cooperation between the counties and municipalities of the Stockholm Mälar region. Today the Council has 56 municipalities and five counties as members, and seven associate members.

The secretariat is led by Secretary General Ms. Maria Nimvik Stern and five co-workers.

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Facts & figures


  • 40 % of the Swedish population live in the region – that is 3.8 million.
  • 46 % of the Swedish GDP is created in the region and 45 % of the companies in the country.
  • 54 % of the population in the region between 30-34 has tertiary education.
  • 25 out of 48 Swedish universities are located to the region.
  • 8 out of 10 travels by train in Sweden begin and end in Stockholm.
  • The Stockholm Mälar Region is the biggest labour market in Sweden, 41 % of the population work here!