Transport & Infrastructure

The Stockholm Mälar Region is Sweden’s “doorway to the world.” Large portions of the country’s freight goods and business-related trips either pass through the region or have the region as their destination. The region enables trade, travel and growth in all parts of Sweden. Indeed, an efficient transport infrastructure in the Stockholm Mälar Region is not only important for Swedish jobs and businesses; it is equally important for Sweden’s trading partners.

The cross-regional cooperation between the counties in the Stockholm Mälar Region enables better utilisation of the region’s collective resources and investments and paves the way for international competitiveness. By linking the labour market, education and housing markets in the Stockholm Mälar Region, businesses and their partners as well as customers and employees can reach each other. Freight transports can move goods to, from and through the region. And people can more easily travel to their place of work or education and family inside the region and abroad.

In the past years, the Stockholm Mälar Region has rallied behind a joint vision for the transport system for the Stockholm Mälar Region – the System analysis for The Stockholm Mälar Region.

Since 2003, the project has developed into a strong and historically unique process between politicians from seven counties in the region with the support of civil servants and many collaborating organisations. The aim is collective action around common priorities for the infrastructure and transport system in the Stockholm Mälar Region. The report places special emphasis on giving the whole region good international accessibility.

On an EU level, the Council for the Stockholm Mälar Region coordinates joint responses to the European Commission from the seven regions regarding the development of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). Click here to download the Council’s Position Paper.